How to take care of a down comforter

When you have already chosen a best down comforter for yourself, the next step you need to consider is how to take care of it. Nobody can deny how much importance of this part because if you do not look after your down carefully, sooner and sooner it will be damaged and not able to last long. That means you have wasted money! Let’s learn how to care for your down comforter with this article.

1. Look after your down comforter usually


Whether your down is in high quality or not, you should not ignore to keep an eye on it in case of recognizing its matters such as tears, stains, rips or even molds as soon as possible to heal them on time. If you find out some down feathers drop on the floor, it means that your down has one or more tears.

As almost down comforters are made from the duck and goose feathers or their undercoating, so when there are any tears whether they are huge or not, your down will be loose immediately. To solve this matter, it is rather easy with a needle and a thread.

If there is a stain on the fabric, you must clean it right after you find it because if you leave it for a long time, it will be hard to erase. Especially with white down comforter, you should use bleach to clean.

If your down has mold, you should take off it and dry in the sun to let the heat kill all these harmful molds. It does not only help you to prevent from many diseases, but also keep the down last longer.

2. Clean the down periodically


The best time cycle to clean the down comforter is about one or two years. It is not necessary to wash the down more often than this because doing the washing up so many times is not good for it. The detergents such as bleach, washing – powder will reduce the quality of the feathers inside a down and affect much on its warmth. By the way, washing too much cause the frayed fabric and deformation in some cases.

Every time you intend to do the washing up, you should take the down off the bed and bring it to a clean and dry place such as bathroom, laundry room, or a patio. If you want to do it yourself, you need to check if the size and the capacity of your washing machine fit with the size and weight of the down or not.

3. Using a duvet cover as a coat for your down

2For more protection, you can buy a duvet cover for your down comforter to prevent it from many stains and frayed fabric. Like a coat, the duvet you keep it always in clean condition. If there are any stains, you just need to take off the cover and clean by washer without worrying about the down. Before purchasing, you need to consider to the size of your down to choose a suitable cover.