How to dry a down comforter?

After doing the washing up for the down comforter, the final part is drying. Many people usually ignore this because they think that just the washing cycle is only the best important part during the process. If you get enough knowledge about drying the down in right way, it will be caused less harm and last longer. Here are some useful tips for you.

downcomforterBasically, when cleaning the down at home, after the spin cycle step has already finished, you should extract the down comforter from the washing machine. It will look flatter, softer and tidier than usual. In case that your down is white, does not worry if you find that it have the different color than the origin because it is just temporary. The reason is that when the feathers inside the down get wet, it will naturally change color. After they have been dried already, they will turn into the initial color.

There are many ways to dry a down comforter, depending on your affordability as well as your preference that you will choose the most suitable one for your down:

  • Air – drying
  • Electrical drying machine
  • Dry in the sunny places

1. Air dryer:

This machine helps to reduce as much harm as possible to the fabric and material. However, this method is only suitable for those who have plenty of time to spend as it will take much time and the down comforter is rather slow to dry.

2. Electrical drying machine:

2This way is much quicker than the above because it uses heat to dry the fabric, which also makes the material and the form of the down comforter damaged soon. The heat will do harm in the down, make it deform and cannot last long any longer.

Therefore, if you do not have much time and need to use this way, you can set it on low heat to reduce damage. If your down is white, you can set the high heat as it can stand the hotter temperature than the colorful ones.

Here is a tip for you: To avoid the risks of shrinking, you can use a tennis ball or a tennis shoe to dry the fabric by putting it close to the dryer for a while and roll it along the down comforters. After a spin cycle, the feathers inside the down have the tendency of being curdled and these items will help to break up that state and make the material smoother and speed up the drying process.

3. Dry in the sunny places:

3This way helps to economize the cost as it uses the natural heat to dry the down comforter. You ought to choose the suitable sunlight during the day to put the down out to dry in the sun. If there is too much sunlight, the down will be caused harm. If there is no sunlight and it is windy instead of, your down will be taken the risk of mildew. Also, do not forget to choose a clean place to put the down on.

To allow a down comforter to be able to last long, alongside getting enough knowledge of how to clean and dry it, you should choose a good one at first, visit homepage of Down Comforter Expert to check out the best down comforter.