Fresh Air Is Important When Playing Outdoor Activities

Nowadays, the gym is increasingly flourishing everywhere, from affordable small room to different luxurious centers around the city. Instead of wandering among different spin bike reviews about devices such as recumbent or stationary bike to pick one machine at home, people can go to these places to work out in their free time.


On the other hand, outdoor activities bring lots of benefits to individuals. For example, it strengthens both your health and mind. However, if you are practicing exercises in the wrong places, you are likely to become sick after that.

Practicing around the dirty atmosphere

These days, people are surrounded by the siege of noise, air pollution in large cities; this is the most worrying problem. In some places, gases cause air pollution in densely populated areas is largely due to vehicles caused, especially motorcycles. Air Quality Index (AQI) for roadside areas and nearby residential areas, including luxurious apartments, also not high enough to create a healthy environment for society.

In fact, the amount of atmosphere you inhale everyday depends on your level of physical activities and breathing when you are doing outdoor exercises. Increasing physical activity will level up the breathing rate so that it is better to find some fresh places.

Find some fresh places for children

Kids will inhale more atmosphere than adults when playing outside the house. To illustrate, their breath is increasing more than 5 times when playing high-intensity activities. When running, the frequency inhale higher compared to walking, so the volume of pollutants will also higher for 2 times.

In addition, unhealthy people or older people are tend to breathe more often than healthy people. Therefore, if people are doing outdoor sports at polluted places, they are more likely to inhale dirty things which can damage badly to the body.

Bad results when working out in dirty places

illnessesAir pollution affects badly to the health of both adults and children. There are several illnesses include:

  • Reduce lung function
  • Cause chronic bronchitis and acute asthma
  • Increase risk of lung cancer and heart attack
  • Cause stroke and hypertension

In addition, when exposure for long periods with the dirty pollution, individuals are accelerating the aging process which can cause impaired lung function and reduced life expectancy. Moreover, air pollution also adversely affect pregnant women, the elderly and children who are living with the disease.

Important things when choosing your workout places

basketballIt is obvious if you want to practice outdoor exercises when your surrounding environment is dirty. These are some things to keep in mind that individuals can consider to pick up one fresh place for themselves.

  • Avoid practicing sports in the high-rated polluted places such as along the busiest roads during peak times. And remember that you should pay attention to the AQI level in the area of ​​doing outdoor activities.
  • You should practice in places with many trees, rivers. On the other hand, places like water parks or a quiet residential area will bring a clean environment for your process.
  • The best time for doing outdoor exercise is from 7am to 8pm. This is the time when the concentration of pollutants is at the lowest and the ambient temperature decreases. If individuals are unable to practice during the “ideal” time, avoid rush hour traffic.
  • Check your body when there are warning symptoms such as cough, chest tightness, pain during deep breathing. When being in this situation, just stop practicing and go to see your doctor. On the other hand, reduce the duration and intensity exercise, drink adequate water when working out in hot and humid environment.
  • If you live in areas of high pollution without outdoor exercise conditions, you can practice in the indoor environment. However, the atmosphere in the house can also be contaminated. Therefore, homeowners need to clean machines regularly such as air conditioners, vacuum carpets and avoid tobacco smoke.
  • For people who have cardiovascular disease and they are sensitive to air pollution, they need to consult with doctor to pick up the most suitable outdoor exercise regime.

Doing exercises outside the house is very good for the health. Individuals have more chance to engage with the natural atmosphere. However, pay attention to the air and surrounding places to maintain healthy life for both you and your family.